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Products & Services


Solutions designed for you and your business

As the bank of choice for manufacturers, we will work with you to thoroughly understand your business, providing advice and recommending the right financial products and services for you.

Working with Royal Bank of Canada, I donít go into meetings wondering if Iíve got support from my bank. I donít worry about it. Because they understand my business so well, they find solutions that work for me.

- Bill Blyth - Premium Disc Corp.

Improving your productivity

You may need capital for premises upgrades, facility expansions, assembly line upgrades and the purchase of machinery and equipment. We can offer term loans, leases and commercial mortgages to help you enhance your productivity and keep your competitive edge.

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Minimizing currency risk

Whether paying suppliers in the U.S., receiving funds from customers in Europe, or outsourcing IT operations to Asia, changes in foreign currency rates can significantly impact your bottom line. We can help you manage the risk of
foreign-currency fluctuations with hedging tools.

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Helping your business achieve success in global trade

When conducting international trade, you want superior customer service to help you increase sales and reduce risk. RBC Treasury Management and Trade Finance Specialists can provide advice on structuring transactions and information on how business is done in other regions of the world.

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Managing your cash flow

We can provide solutions that will not only help you manage existing cash flow, but forecast and manage future cash positions. As your goods move and payments are received, we have comprehensive, Internet-based transaction and information services designed specifically to ensure you have the latest and most accurate information quickly and conveniently. Operating loans for accounts receivables and inventory can relieve pressure on your cash flow and provide access to your cash more readily.

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Maximizing return on your cash

We will take the time to understand your cash cycles and recommend deposit accounts and investments that will provide secure means of maximizing returns on your cash holdings, while ensuring that you have easy access to your funds when needed.

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Business transition

Whether you are looking to expand your business to a global level or diversify into your customersí or suppliersí line of business, our mid-market corporate finance group can help with advisor services for mergers and acquisitions. We can also provide advice for successful business succession when the time is right for you.

Talk to a Specialist

We know what it takes to remain competitive and will provide you with the advice and financial solutions you need to help maximize your efficiencies and achieve your business goals.
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