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Commercial Banking > Business Succession > Maximizing the Business Value

Maximizing the Business Value

If you find that the value of your business isn’t what you were expecting, you can look at enhancing company value by:

  • Exploring new markets for growth
  • Investigating strategic acquisitions
  • Investing in sales and marketing efforts
  • Reviewing product lines for efficiencies or new opportunities
  • Diversifying your customer and supplier base
  • Enhancing management infrastructure
  • Reducing discretionary spending
  • Disposing of non-operating assets
  • Minimizing contingent liabilities

Work with your advisory team to explore and identify options that can help maximize the value of your business and recognize that it may take some time for the value to increase.

We, at RBC Royal Bank®, have industry specialists who understand your business and your market. We can provide advice and solutions to help you get the most value from your business. Contact us today.


Strategic Decisions

Many businesses can stagnate during a selling period because the owner may not want to make major strategic decisions that could affect the price.