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Dedicated Specialists


Helping you succeed

Our wholesale account managers can provide relevant industry-specific advice to help you achieve your business goals.

A team of experts in your field

The national team of RBC® wholesale specialists understand the complex market in which you do business and what it takes to stay ahead in today’s wholesale sector. From our team, you’ll receive advice and financial solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Our account manager has done an outstanding job representing our interests. The effort our account manager puts towards our account has been significant. We have a great rapport with RBC and our account manager.

- Itay Ariel, HRA Investments

Acting as your liaison, your account manager will leverage our extensive resources, connecting you with experts in leasing, foreign exchange, cash management, trade and wealth management. We will put our market-leading capabilities to work for you to ensure all of your financial needs are met.

Talk to a Specialist

We understand what it takes to remain competitive and will provide you with the financial advice and solutions you need to maximize your efficiences and achieve your business goals.
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