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Products & Services


Solutions tailored to your business needs

Your account manager will work with you to thoroughly understand your business, providing advice and recommending the right financial products and services for you.

I have had a very good, positive working relationship with RBC for the past 25 years. Iíve not looked at RBC as a bank but as part of the Weddingstar family. RBC has helped our company stay grounded and grow to where we are today. RBC has really helped us to achieve our success and without them, we wouldnít be where we are today.

- Rick Brink, Weddingstar Inc.

Expansion of facilities

Due to the sheer size of Canada, the location of your warehouse facilities is important. Whether you need to move to new sites as your business expands, or expand your current warehouse to accommodate increased demand, you may require capital. We offer commercial mortgages and term loans to help you take advantage when real-estate opportunities present themselves.

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Facility innovations

Should you need to invest in robotics, forklifts and improved cross-docking to increase your operationís efficiency, we offer term loans, leases and lines of credit.

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Improved inventory management

Enhancing sophisticated, computerized inventory and warehouse-management systems is essential to staying efficient and competitive in todayís market. To assist, we offer term loans, leases and lines of credit to help you take advantage of innovative technologies in your sector.

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International trade

When youíre sourcing products internationally, superior customer service and dealing with a financial institution with trade expertise helps the transaction run smoothly. RBC Treasury and Trade Managers can provide advice on structuring transactions and partnering with other financial institutions globally. We can provide trade solutions to ensure payment and receipt when sourcing and selling products internationally.

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Minimize currency risk

Whether working with suppliers in Europe and Asia, or receiving funds from customers in the U.S., changes in foreign currency can significantly impact your bottom line. We can help you manage the risk of foreign-currency fluctuations with hedging tools.

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Cash flow management

When you need to adapt to changes in technologies, operating loans and lines of credit will relieve pressure on your cash cycle and provide access to funds when your business demands it. If your capital is tied up in your inventory, these solutions can help you with accounts receivable and inventory management.

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Maximizing returns on your cash

To get your money working harder for you, your account manager will take the time to understand your cash cycles. They can then recommend deposit accounts and investments that will ensure you have easy access to your funds when needed.

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Talk to a Specialist

We understand what it takes to remain competitive and will provide you with the financial advice and solutions you need to maximize your efficiences and achieve your business goals.
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