Top Networking and Personal Branding Tips

I often get asked for career tips or recommendations regarding the best way to make an impression with an employer, if having an on-line brand is important, and how to network effectively. As a result, I’m introducing my Top 8 tips for networking and building your personal brand.

  • Connect with alumni from your program.
    Generally alumni are eager to share their experiences post-graduation and provide newer professionals with tips on how to make the transition from classroom to boardroom.
  • You are responsible for building your personal brand.
    Join LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites to make connections and showcase your skills. On-line resources help promote your skills and capabilities and most importantly your brand 24/7!
  • Be careful what you post online on sites like Facebook.
    Rule of thumb: would you be ok if you mom saw it? No? Think again about posting. Google yourself! It’s always good to know what information, photos, etc. are on the internet. Find something negative? Address it and action appropriately.
  • Start building your professional network now, while you're a student.
    Just think in a few years many of your connections will move on to work for different companies, across different industries and geographies. Using LinkedIn will help you in stay connected.
  • You only get one chance to make a first impression
    - make sure it counts! Practice to ensure you make an impact.
  • Attend industry events.
    Get to know who the players are in your space. This gives you the opportunity to network and build relationships with multiple people within your area of expertise.
  • Get involved.
    Volunteering and participating in various groups can provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable skills when your resume is lacking experience in an area you are passionate about.
  • Give to Get.
    Networks work both ways. The more you’re willing to help someone out, the more help you’ll get in return.

Reach out and get connected!


Lisa Kramer is Director, Global Campus Recruitment at RBC, responsible for RBC’s global campus strategy, and leading a team of Campus Recruitment Specialists. Get the latest on jobs, events and advice on working for RBC by connecting with us on Twitter @RBC4Students or joining our RBC Campus Recruitment group on Linkedin.

"Be careful what you post online on sites like Facebook. Rule of thumb: would you be ok if you mom saw it? No? Think again about posting."