5 Tips to Use Your Debit Card Like a Pro

Whether you’ve just gotten your first debit card or you’ve been using one for a couple of years now, we’ve got some tips to help you avoid extra fees, keep your money safe, and stay on top of how much you’re spending.

  • Use RBC ATMs

    When you need cash, you can withdraw money from any RBC ATM for free, as long as you’re sticking to the transaction limit that comes with your account. If you use another bank’s ATM or the no-name ATMs you find at some restaurants and convenience stores, you will be charged additional fees. These fees can range for $3-$5 or even higher.

  • Get Cash Back

    Need cash but don’t want to incur a fee or go out of your way to an ATM? Ask for “cash back” during your purchase at bigger retailers, such as a grocery store. Not only do you avoid the transaction fee, but the withdrawal doesn't count toward your monthly transaction limit.

  • Keep track of your transactions

    If you’ve got a bank account that has no monthly fee and comes with a set number of free transactions each month, you’ll want to keep a couple things in mind.

    • First, understand what transactions count toward your limit – for example, e-Transfers don’t count (they’re always unlimited at RBC), but when you take money out of an ATM, pay by debit/tap or pay a bill using online banking it counts.
    • Second, stay within your transaction limit and keep tabs on your spending (mobile and online banking are great for that): get cash back when you can, and plan out your withdrawals so you’re not hitting up the ATM every day.

    If you are going over your transactions limits every month, look into an unlimited bank account with a low monthly fee.

  • Protect your card and PIN

    Most of you already know this but it is worth repeating “Don’t tell your PIN to anyone. Don’t write it down, put it in your phone, or ask your friends to get cash for you by giving them your card and PIN”. If you suspect that someone is using your debit card and PIN contact us right away.

  • Get Mobile

    Mobile banking is an easy way to keep track of your spending. You can pay bills, deposit cheques, send and receive money, check your balance and transactions, and keep track of your budget — right on your device. Simplify your banking by downloading the RBC Mobile app today. Learn more.