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You do life-saving work, and we know your time is at a premium.
Let us take finances off your plate so you can grow your wealth while doing what you do best.

Design an Intelligent Plan for Your Unique Needs

Achieve your goals for today—and the future—through a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with a dedicated RBC Financial advisor who can help you:

  • Balance paying off debt from medical school with other priorities
  • Minimize taxes through strategies like income-splitting
  • Protect your family with a plan that addresses all aspects of your financial life, including will and estate planning

Invest for the Things that Matter to You

An investment property...a comfortable retirement...your child’s education. Create the life you want for yourself and your loved ones through personalized wealth management solutions, flexible ways to invest and a full range of investment products.1

Get Financial Advice to Guide Your Career Decisions

Does incorporating make sense for you? Should you start your own clinic? Are you billing optimally and accurately? Get one-on-one advice and personalized solutions from advisors who can help guide you through the financial side of your professional decisions.

Improve your billing with Dr.Bill2. Try and enjoy additional savings with RBC Healthcare Advantage Pro.3


Unlock Exclusive Savings and
Preferred Borrowing Rates

Enjoy exclusive savings and tailored solutions with RBC Healthcare Advantage Pro.

$360/Year Savings

RBC VIP Banking

Full monthly fee waiver4


Up to $120/Year Savings

RBC Credit Card

Full annual fee waiver5


Rate of Prime minus 0.25%

Preferred rate on the RBC Homeline Plan6

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Other Special Offers for RBC Healthcare Advantage Pro

With Dr.Bill in your pocket, submit claims quickly and minimize rejections so you can spend more time with patients.

Try Dr.Bill with a $150 billing credit. Upon credit depletion, pay just 1% of successfully paid claims on Dr.Bill’s Comprehensive plan (regular price 1.95% of paid claims).2

Invest the Easy Way and Pay No Management Fee for 6 months7

Get a professionally-built and managed investment portfolio without the work. Open your first RBC InvestEase account and pay no management fees for 6 months.

Borrow Against Your Home Equity at Prime minus 0.25%6

Improve your cash flow and save money with a preferred rate on the RBC Homeline Plan, which combines your mortgage and credit line into one product.

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Meet with one of our 1,300+ RBC Healthcare Specialists across Canada.

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Benefit from the solutions you need today and tomorrow
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