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Personal Mortgages - Documents for Lawyers and Notaries

For Lawyers and Notaries Only


NOTICE: As part of RBC's commitment to providing you with more efficient servicing of requests, we are approaching a future where RBC will no longer accept faxed or emailed requests for payout statements and/or discharge/transfer requests. Please submit all requests for payout statements and/or discharges/transfers via the Mortgage Statement and Discharge/Transfer Portal following this link:

Welcome to the RBC Royal Bank website which provides lawyers/notaries retained by us for a particular transaction with access to residential and collateral mortgages and related security documentation. This website is to be accessed each time you, the lawyer/notary acting on our behalf, receive instructions from RBC Royal Bank for a residential mortgage transaction or personal loan secured by a collateral mortgage and is to be read in conjunction with the instructions you have received from us for the transaction. Most documents you require to complete the transaction are available on this website. To locate the documents, please click on the name of the province or territory where the property to be mortgaged is located. The documents that are not on this website will be included in the package sent to you by our Personal Service Centre along with our instructions relating to the transaction.

Do not store or use copies of documents retrieved previously as we amend our security documents from time to time.

For the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, French forms can be accessed at the following link:

If you have any questions regarding the documentation please refer to the contact information contained in our transaction instructions.

This website and its contents are provided only for the use of lawyers/notaries who have been retained to act on behalf of Royal Bank of Canada (and, in some cases, The Royal Trust Company or Royal Trust Corporation of Canada). Any unauthorized use of this website or its contents is strictly prohibited.

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