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Personal Mortgages - Documents for Lawyers and Notaries

For Lawyers and Notaries Only


Information helps us serve our mutual clients faster

We need your help. The more information we receive, the faster and more efficiently we can serve our mutual clients. When calling or corresponding with us, please be sure to:

  • For Residential Mortgages / Hypothecs: always quote our RBC Mortgage or Loan account number
  • For Collateral Mortgages/Hypothecs/Homeline: always quote our RBC Service Reference File (SRF) Number
  • When requesting a Payout statement on behalf of your client, please note that RBC issues payout statements in advance of the payout date as follows: 10 days for all provinces except Quebec which is 2 days. If we receive your request prior to those timelines,we will diarized and send the statement 10 days prior to the payout date or 2 days prior in Quebec.
    Kindly forward the full payout amount accompanied with a copy of the RBC Payout Statement. In addition, to ensure no delays to registration of discharge, we refer to our Payout Statement, Payment Instructions section item 2. and emphasize that you mustretain for 10 days an amount equivalent to the "Total regular Payment" as shown in section "Details For Mortgage" except in Quebec where you should retain an amount equivalent to the "Total Regular Payment" until the cut-off date.

    Province / Territory Product Fax Number
    For All Provinces and Territories, except Quebec and Iqaluit Mortgage or Homeline 1-877-832-3862
    Loan 1-866-812-7828
    For Quebec and Iqaluit Mortgage or Homeline 1-866-718-1577
    Loan 1-866-241-8706

Additionally, please include each client's full name and address in your correspondence.

If you have any questions, please continue to refer to the INQUIRIES AND CORRESPONDENCE section of the appropriate GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO LAWYER/NOTARY for guidance.

08/26/2020 11:20:41