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Personal Mortgages - Documents for Lawyers and Notaries

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Nova Scotia: Residential Mortgage Documents

In Nova Scotia RBC Royal Bank can now deliver residential mortgage mandates electronically using Assyst Real Estate solution at

Note: Depositing a cheque sent under escrow conditions: See the Regulation made pursuant to the Legal Profession Act, S.N.S. 2004, c. 28, subsection 10.3.6(c) regarding money received under escrow conditions to be held without deposit. The Bank's escrow conditions are in our General Instructions (Form 4180/3915) sections 8 and 9(a). Cheques/drafts should be negotiated on day of closing. Cashing of cheques/drafts prior to the closing date may result in additional interest costs to the client.

Form # Document Name Website Last Updated:
Word PDF
271NS Mortgage (Fixed) 09-28-2015 Word PDF
272NS Mortgage (Variable) 09-28-2015 Word PDF
857 Letter of Independent Legal Advice 09-01-1997 Word PDF
944 Security Agreement - (Security Interest in Consumer Goods) 04-20-2007 Word PDF
1093 Assignment of Site Lease 04-20-2007 Word PDF
1097 Landlord Consent 08-10-2013 Word PDF
3328 Request for Funds (Available in PDF only) 07-08-2019 PDF
3936 Guarantee - Fixed Rate (For CLIP only) 04-30-2015 Word PDF
3937 Guarantee - Prime Rate (For CLIP only) 04-30-2015 Word PDF
3938 Report on Title and Security Update 03-05-2012 Word PDF
3945 Trustee & Beneficial Owner Agreement - Business 08-09-2006 Word PDF
3946 Trustee & Beneficial Owner Agreement - Personal 08-09-2006 Word PDF
4176 Builders/Construction Mortgage Instructions 09-22-2014 Word PDF
4177 Report on Title and Security 07-08-2019 PDF
4179 Legal opinion to be remitted to RBC by Counsel to a trust 04-30-2015 Word PDF
4180 General Instructions to Lawyer/Notary - Residential Mortgages/Hypothecs 03-31-2021 Word PDF
4181 CLIP Mortgage - Site Lease Property - Additional Instructions 04-24-2011 Word PDF
4185 Landlord Agreement (leasehold mortgages only) 04-20-2007 Word PDF
4231 Additional Instructions to Lawyer Leasehold Mortgages on Indian Lands 07-05-2020 Word PDF
4942 Letter of Direction 08-13-2013 Word PDF

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