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Guide for Cardholder Protection

Before dealing with an online or telephone merchant:

  • Always read merchant terms and conditions, as well cancellation and/or refund policies. Be cautious with ‘free trial’ offers that require a credit card number: ask if your credit card will be charged when the free trial period ends.
  • Do your homework: check different sources to get feedback on the merchant or the company (e.g. Better Business Bureau, search engines etc).
  • Obtain valid contact information for the merchant’s customer service area (email, phone number, fax, address).
  • If a merchant contacts you directly, request the terms and conditions as well as any cancellation and/or refund policy in writing before providing your credit card number and expiry date.
  • RBC does not contact clients to ask them for their credit card number. If a caller claiming to be from RBC requests such information, tell them that you prefer to call RBC directly (1-800-769-2512).

After you have dealt with an online or telephone merchant:

  • Always attempt to resolve the situation directly with the merchant before calling RBC Card Services.
  • Keep tracking numbers (courier or freight company shipment number or registered mail for example) for all returns to a merchant as well as any item sent by mail. Before sending merchandise back, ensure that the merchant has authorized the return.
  • Always follow the merchant’s cancellation, refund and return policy. It is a good practice to have written proof (can be email) or confirmation of any step that has been taken with the merchant (cancellation, return, refund request).
  • Before disputing a transaction, gather all the information and documents that could support your case. These include but are not limited to, drafts, credits, contracts, letters and emails. RBC credit card transactions can be disputed by calling 1-800-769-2512.

BalanceProtector® Max Insurance

Helps pay your RBC credit card balance in case of job loss, total disability or loss of life.