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Conquest Vacations Purchased On RBC Visa Card

Customers who purchased a vacation package with Conquest Vacations using their RBC Royal Bank Visa Credit Card and are unable to take their scheduled vacation due to Conquest Vacations recent declaration of suspended operations will be reimbursed.

In addition, Visa cardholders who purchased their ticket online, by phone, or by mail, are protected through the Visa E-Promise. The Visa E-Promise ensures that cardholders who did not receive services as promised can contact their issuer directly to obtain a credit to their account. More details of the Visa E-Promise can be found on (opens new window).

Questions and Answers

1. I booked a Conquest Vacation with my Visa card. Will I be reimbursed?

Clients who purchased their Conquest vacation with their RBC Royal Bank Visa Credit Card are able to make a claim to receive reimbursement for the portion of the travel/vacation services that were not rendered.

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2. Does that mean an automatic refund to my Visa Account?

Clients who used their RBC Visa to book a vacation directly with Conquest Vacations are entitled to a refund based on "services not rendered". Please call our card services group at 1-800-769-2512 to initiate a claim.

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3. How long does the claim for reimbursement take?

Your credit will be processed to your Visa account within 4-6 weeks from the date that you contact us.

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4. Is there a limit on how long cardholders have to put in a claim due to the suspended operations?

Clients should contact RBC within 75 days from their flight date.

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5. If I book another flight with my Visa, am I charged again?

Yes you will be charged for any alternate arrangements purchased with your Visa card but please check directly with your airline as many flights will continue to be fulfilled.

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6. What should stranded cardholders do if their cards exceed the available credit limit while they’re away, and they do not have sufficient credit to pay for an alternative means home?

Cardholders should contact RBC’s Card Services group 1-800-769-2512 who will, in most instances, assist them with temporary credit increases and other appropriate solutions.

Cardholders may also contact Visa emergency services at 1-800-847-2911. Cardholders who are grounded in the US or Latin America can call 1-800-847-2911 or collect at 410-581-9994.

Air Canada, Skyservice and CanJet Airlines are advising passengers that all Conquest Vacations customers booked with one of these three airlines will provide transportation home as scheduled (up to and including April 21, 2009).

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7. I booked my Conquest Vacation using my RBC REWARDS/ AVION® points. Will I get my points back?

Yes, please contact the RBC Rewards Travel Redemption Centre at 1-877-636-2870. They will refund all points and associated cash top ups.

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8. If a cardholder received partial services (i.e. one-way of a return ticket), how much will they be reimbursed?

Cardholders may receive reimbursement for the portion of the services that were not rendered.

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9. What do cardholders need to do to prove services not rendered?

Cardholders should retain supporting documentation for services not rendered e.g. receipts, unused tickets, etc.

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10. Are my tickets covered by the trip cancellation/interruption insurance I have with my RBC Visa card?

Coverage for the default or bankruptcy of a travel supplier is not covered under this card insurance feature.

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11. Are cardholders entitled to additional funds for out of pocket expenses as a result of Conquest Vacations recent decision? What about flight delay insurance?

While we do offer Flight Delay Insurance on some of our cards, the Conquest Vacations situation would fall under default or bankruptcy of a travel supplier which is not a covered risk.

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12. What should customers who have no insurance coverage do? Can they get compensation elsewhere?

  1. In Ontario, contact the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, at Travel Industry Council of Ontario (opens new window) or by email to You can also call TICO at 905-624-6241.
  2. In BC, contact the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority at Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (opens new window). You can also call them at 604-320-1667 or toll free at 1-888-564-9963.
  3. In Quebec, contact the L'Office de la protection du consommateur (Office of Consumer Protection) Office of Consumer Protection (opens new window) or by phone at 1-888-672-2556.

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