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RBC Commercial Cards Program

More control. More insights. More savings.

The RBC Commercial Cards program empowers your company to manage its own expense cards through exclusive access to RBC NextLogic, which includes powerful card management and reporting tools.

Your company will benefit from increased control, insights and savings—plus valuable rewards and benefits—while your employees enjoy the purchasing power and flexibility of an RBC Royal Bank® Commercial Visa card.

Suitable for growing and mid-sized businesses:
  • Need for 5+ cards
  • Annual revenues over $2 million
  • Self-service card management, reporting and data integration needed

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Available exclusively through our Commercial Cards program, RBC NextLogic is a self-serve, easy-to-use online tool that lets you manage your cards, change spend controls and credit limits in real-time, view reports, search transactions and retrieve monthly card statements at the corporate level.

Take control of your company's expenses

  • Order and cancel credit cards
  • Set and change credit limits and spend controls by merchant category group in real-time
  • Pool credit limits across cards to better use your credit facility

See where and how employees are spending

  • Receive statements at the individual and corporate level
  • Analyze spending patterns across the company or by cardholder
  • Drill down for transaction details on flight specifics such as origin, destination, class and ticket number
  • Leverage dynamic and customizable reporting
  • Integrate data to third-party expense management systems such as Concur, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Chrome River, Expensify, Certify and others

Save time and money

  • Track spending to find ways to cut costs and curb overspending
  • Reduce the cost of resources required to manage company expenses
  • Improve forecasting, budgeting and negotiations with suppliers through cost summaries

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Commercial Card Options

Choose from four Commercial Visa cards—travel rewards, cash back, a U.S. dollar card, plus a classic card.


Commercial Avion® Visa

Commercial Avion® Visa

Earn RBC Rewards® points on purchases and enjoy extensive insurance protection and travel services. Redeem points for travel and more.

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Commercial Cash Back Visa

Commercial Cash Back Visa

Receive 0.5% Cash Back credits with every eligible purchase, with no limit to the cash back amount your company can earn.

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Commercial U.S. Dollar Visa

Commercial U.S. Dollar Visa

Simplify your U.S. expenses and avoid foreign exchange fluctuations by paying and settling in U.S. dollars.

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Commercial Visa

Commercial Visa

A low annual fee card that offers a convenient way for your employees to make purchases, while allowing you to track expenses and manage spending.

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Compare Commercial Cards

Give your employees purchasing power and flexibility with one of the following Commercial Visa cards.

  Commercial Visa Commercial Visa Commercial Visa Commercial Visa
  Commercial Avion Visa Commercial Cash Back Visa Commercial U.S. Dollar Visa Commercial Visa


Who is it best for? For those who want to earn travel rewards and the option to redeem points for flights, merchandise and more. For companies that want to earn Cash Back credits based on company spend. For those who travel regularly to the U.S. or who have frequent business with U.S. suppliers. For those who want a low-fee option for business expenses.

Rewards & Savings

RBC Rewards® Earn 1 RBC Rewards point per $1 spent No No No
Cash Back No 0.5% Cash Back credits on all eligible purchases (no cap) No No

Insurance Benefits

Trip Cancellation6 $1,500 per person to a maximum of $5,000 per trip No No No
Trip Interruption6 $5,000 per person to a maximum of $25,000 per trip No No No
Flight Delay6 $250 per person per day, to a maximum of $500 for a delay of 4 hours or more No No No
Baggage Claim8 $500 per person to a maximum of $2,500 for a delay of 4 hours or more No No No
Travel Accident/ Common Carrier6 $500,000 per person No No No
Car Rental Collision/ Loss Damage7 Coverage for the first 48 consecutive days per rental; MSRP up to $65,000 No No No
Extended Warranty8 Maximum of 1 year
Purchase Security8 Maximum of $50,000 within 90 days of purchase
Zero Liability Protection†† Insurance for unauthorized charges or fraud:
$50,000 per card
Corporate Liability Waiver9 Insurance for employee fraud:
Up to $100,000 for employee misuse (after termination)


Annual Fee $120 $60 $60 USD $30
Interest Rate 19.99%
Cash Advance Rate 21.99%

Ready to learn more?

Talk to your Account Manager or find a specialist for more information about the RBC Commercial Cards program.


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