MultiProduct Rebate

MultiProduct Rebate

The MultiProduct Rebate is no longer available to new RBC clients for accounts opened as of the date the Value Program is in-market.

If you already have an account that is eligible for the MultiProduct Rebate, you can keep the MultiProduct Rebate for that account, or you can opt out of the MultiProduct Rebate and enrol that account into the new Value Program. Please note that while you may opt an account in to or out of the Value Program at any time, opting an account out of the MultiProduct Rebate is permanent and cannot be reversed.

If you open a new account on or after the date that the Value Program is in-market, you will only have the opportunity to enrol that account in the Value Program, and that account will not be eligible for the MultiProduct Rebate.

For more information on the Value Program rebate and/or on how enrolling an account into the Value Program may impact a MultiProduct Rebate you currently receive, visit any RBC Royal Bank branch, call 1-800-769-2511, or view the full Value Program Terms & Conditions.

The more you bank with us, the more you save. It’s our way of saying thanks!

With the MultiProduct Rebate®1 you could enjoy monthly savings of up to 100% of your monthly fees depending on the type of account you hold and the number of eligible products you have with us.

How it Works

Account Type Account Type Active Credit Card Active1
Credit Card
Active Investment Active2 Investment Mortgage Mortgage Standard
Monthly Fee
Monthly Fee AFTER rebate:
RBC Day to Day Banking® checkmark checkmark $4.00 $0
(save $48 /year)
RBC No Limit Banking for Students® checkmark checkmark $10.95 $0
(save $131.40 /year)
RBC No Limit Banking® checkmark checkmark $11.95 $6.95
(save $60/year)
$0 for Seniors 65+
(save $143.40/ year)
RBC No Limit Banking checkmark checkmark checkmark $11.95 $0
(save $143.40/year)
RBC Signature No Limit Banking® checkmark checkmark checkmark $16.95 $10.95
(save $ 72/year)
RBC VIP Banking® checkmark checkmark checkmark $30.00 $19.95
(save $120.60/year)

Eligible RBC Credit Cards

  • Signature® RBC Rewards® Visa
  • RBC Rewards+ Visa
  • RBC Rewards Visa Classic
  • RBC Visa Cash Back
  • RBC Cash Back MasterCard
  • RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite Mastercard

Travel cards

  • RBC®Avion® Visa Infinite
  • RBC®Avion® Visa Platinum
  • RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege
  • RBC Rewards Visa Preferred
  • US Dollar Visa Gold
  • British Airways Visa Infinite
  • Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum
  • WestJet RBC MasterCard
  • WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard

Low interest-rate cards

  • Visa Classic Low Rate Option
  • RateAdvantage Visa

Eligible RBC Investments

  • RBC Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)
  • RBC mutual funds
  • Accounts held at RBC Direct Investing.

(Excludes the RBC Investment Savings Account and investments held through RBC Dominion Securities Inc. or other investment brokers, dealers or investment counsellors.)

Eligible RBC Royal Bank Home Financing Products

  • Residential RBC mortgages
  • RBC Homeline Plan®

Stay Active & Get Cash Back

In order to qualify for the MultiProduct Rebate, both your RBC Credit Card and RBC Investment must remain “active”.

An active RBC Credit card is defined as:

Having at least one transaction every 90 days1
Paying an annual fee1 on an eligible RBC credit card

An active RBC Investment is defined as:

Having recurring pre-authorized contributions2 to an eligible RBC investment account
Maintaining a regular balance of $5002 in your RBC investment account

We Tell It Like It Is

If you qualify, the MultiProduct Rebate will automatically4 be applied to your account and your rebate or discount will appear right on your monthly banking account statement so you’ll see exactly what your savings are.

Joint Accounts Can Qualify Too

Your joint account may qualify for this rebate if you, and/or the other account holder, have two or more of the eligible RBC products. Contact us to review your accounts and make arrangements for your rebate.