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Credit Cards: It's in Your Best Interest to Know

Credit cards are virtually essential today-in making hotel reservations, renting a car, and in establishing a strong credit history. A Credit Card is a flexible and convenient payment and borrowing tool that gives you the freedom to manage your finances and the security necessary to respond to unexpected emergencies. And so long as you pay off your balance in full each month, your Credit Card offers a convenient, interest-free loan on purchases, whenever you need it.

We believe that as a valued RBC Royal Bank customer, you deserve to be well-informed about your Credit Card. That's why we've assembled a wealth of information to assist you-everything from why you should have a Credit Card to choosing a card that's right for you and selecting a payment method that suits your needs. We've assembled strategies to avoid or minimize interest charges, a comprehensive guide to protecting yourself from Credit Card fraud, a glossary of credit terms, and more.

BalanceProtector® Max Insurance

Helps pay your RBC credit card balance in case of job loss, total disability or loss of life.