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By viewing your credit card as a financial management tool, you can control how much you spend on credit, how quickly you pay it back, and the items you purchase. Your statement is an excellent budgeting tool, because it provides records of every purchase you make, how much you spend, and where and when you're spending.

To make your credit card work for you, think of credit as a tool to help you reach your goals. One of the great values of carrying an RBC Royal Bank credit card is having access to an interest-free loan on purchases, so long as you pay off your balance in full each month.

Responsible use of your credit card is an excellent way to build a solid credit rating. Your credit rating helps financial institutions determine your suitability for mortgage approval on a new home, a new car loan, financing for a college or university education, or a loan for a dream vacation.

Consolidate debt

In order to get your finances in order, you may need to consolidate your debt. Department stores and gasoline cards have higher interest rates. One way to begin is to transfer balances from higher interest credit cards to an RBC Royal Bank credit card. The advantage is that you will then have a lower interest, single monthly payment to manage. And that makes sound financial sense. See more information on RBC Royal Bank credit cards.

BalanceProtector Max insurance for Your RBC credit card balance

Simple and affordable protection to help ease the burden of outstanding balances of up to $25,000 on your RBC Royal Bank credit card, should the unexpected happen. Applying is easy for eligible RBC cardholders and you can cancel anytime.

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Insurance Coverage for your Credit Card Balance

Help make sure your credit card balance doesn’t become a burden to you or your family with simple and affordable job loss, total disability and life coverage.

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