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How Do I Choose the Best Travel Credit Card?

That depends on the type of traveling you like to do. Some of our cards reward you with exclusive offers for flying the same airline – while others focus on giving you freedom, flexibility and protection. Whatever the case, we’ve got a travel credit card for your next adventure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay with your credit card and earn points that you can redeem for travel – whether that’s a flight, hotel room, cruise ticket – it’s your choice. Most cards also come with built-in travel insurance that offers various types of protection while you’re away.
While every card is different, some of the benefits may include:
  • Travel insurance: most of our travel cards have extensive insurances to cover you in case of unexpected events, such as flight delay and lost baggage
  • Travel points: earn points on every purchase that can be easily redeemed for travel. Some of our cards also earn bonus points on travel related purchases so you’ll be on your way even faster
  • Flexibility to convert your points: cards earning Avion® points also let you convert your points to use with a variety of travel programs including WestJet dollars, Asia Miles, Avios and more.
  • Special travel offers: With some cards you’ll get free offers, access to lounges, or unique travel experiences
Use our credit card selector to discover which cards have the benefits you value most.
You’ll earn travel points relative to the card you choose. We have options that earn Avion points, WestJet dollars, Asia Miles or Avios. Each card is designed to earn points with every purchase you make, and let you redeem when it works for you. Compare our travel credit cards to see which card is right for you.
Avion points, WestJet dollars, Asia Miles and Avios are all valued differently. Visit your points program directly to see the value of your points balance.
If you collect Avion points, you can easily redeem them for travel, merchandise, gift cards and more at If you earn WestJet dollars, Avios or Asia Miles, you can redeem directly with the airline loyalty program affiliated with your card.
Every RBC travel credit card has different benefits, features and limitations. Restrictions on point redemptions will depend on the card you choose. Compare our travel cards to see how to make your points work for you.
Generally speaking, the higher your credit score, the better your chances of getting a credit card with the best offers. Keep in mind that some of our cards require a minimum personal or household income to qualify.