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RBC makes it easy to pay your credit card bill on time. With a range of options available, maintaining a good payment history can be simple and convenient. Discover the options that best suit your needs.

Online Banking

You can manage your RBC credit card anytime, anywhere with RBC Online Banking. Pay your bill right away or set up automated recurring payments so you’ll never miss another payment due date. Log in to RBC Online Banking or enrol today.

Mobile Banking

RBC’s mobile app lets you pay your bills with ease, anytime, anywhere. You can also use the App to:

  • Pay your bills
  • View credit card transactions and statements
  • View your credit card balance, limit, and available credit
  • View your Avion points balance
  • Lock your card if it’s lost or stolen

Download the RBC mobile app

Automated Payments

In RBC Online Banking, you can set up automated payments from your RBC bank account to cover your minimum or last statement balance each month. Payments will always be withdrawn on the statement due date, and you will continue to receive a monthly statement.

Telephone Banking

Discover instant, 24/7 access to your RBC credit card account with RBC Telephone Banking. Simply enter your PIN and choose from a list of automated services to help you manage your credit card with ease. Telephone Banking lets you:

  • Pay your bill from an RBC chequing or savings account
  • Check your account balance and activity
  • Speak to an RBC telephone banking specialist for any questions

At an ATM machine

You can easily pay your credit card bill at any RBC ATM. All you need is your RBC Client Card and your confidential PIN. If you don’t know your PIN or need to reset it, please visit an RBC branch. Find an RBC Royal Bank ATM near you.

In Branch

Credit card payments can be made at any RBC Royal Bank branch in Canada. Find an RBC Royal Bank branch near you.

By Mail

You can mail your payment using the addressed envelope sent with your statement. Please note: if postage service is disrupted, you still have to make sure your payment is made on time.

RBC Royal Bank Credit Card Inquiry

Access your RBC credit card transactions online with the RBC Credit Card Inquiry tool. While you won’t be able to pay your credit card bill, you can see your transactions and account information 24/7, for no additional charge. To pay your RBC credit card bill online, sign up for RBC Online Banking.

Insurance Coverage for your Credit Card Balance

Simple and affordable protection with BalanceProtector Max insurance includes job loss, total disability and life coverage. Applying is easy and takes a few minutes to complete.

See BalanceProtector Max Details