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Tools and Calculators

In your search for the right home and mortgage solution, it's good to know how much your mortgage payments will be and what you can afford. Our easy-to-use mortgage tools and calculators will help give you an idea.

mortgage payment calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payments based on how much you borrow, your interest rate, mortgage term and payment schedule.

Calculate Mortgage Payments
home value estimator

What’s My Home Worth?

Learn the estimated value of your home and see how much a renovation project could increase its value.

Estimate My Home’s Value
neighbourhood explorer

Where Should I Buy?

Find the neighbourhoods that match what you're looking for in your next home.

Explore Neighbourhoods
home by rbc

Home by RBC

Personalize your journey using tools to identify where to live to what your home is worth, and more.

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how much home can i afford?

How Much Can I Afford?

Find out how much you can spend on mortgage payments, property taxes, heating costs and more, based on your earnings and debts.

Try this Mortgage Affordability Calculator
rent or buy calculator

Rent or Buy?

Compare your rent payments to a mortgage amount to find out if now’s a good time to buy.

Compare rent and rent and mortgage mortgage payments
mortgage prepayment charge calculator

How Much to Break My Mortgage?

Calculate how much it could cost to break your mortgage and what interest rate you would need to get in order to break even.

Calculate Mortgage Prepayment Charges
which type of mortgage is right for me?

What Mortgage is Right for Me?

Fixed or variable, open or closed? Answer a few questions to find the mortgage options that best match your needs.

Get a Mortgage Recommendation
credit selector tool

What’s the Best Way to Finance My Home?

Whether you’re buying a new home or investment property, see which RBC mortgage product will best meet your unique borrowing needs.

Compare Mortgage Products
homeprotector insurance quote

How Much to Protect My Home?

See how affordable HomeProtector® insurance can be for your RBC Royal Bank® mortgage.

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