Benefits of ETFs

  • Low Fees and No Minimums

    With lower fees than most mutual funds and no investment minimums, ETFs are an affordable way to invest.

  • Less Risk through Diversification

    With an ETF, you can access a variety of asset types, sectors and indices, which spreads out investment risk.

  • Easy to Buy and Sell

    The assets held in an ETF can be bought and sold on major exchanges, just like stocks.

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  • View in-depth research and market news

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Explore top ETF questions.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are funds that can hold investments like stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. They are great for individual investors because you can build a diversified* portfolio faster and with less money than if you invest in individual stocks or bonds.

How? ETFs pool the money of many investors together to buy a variety of investments. That means owning an ETF lets you to hold the underlying stocks and bonds in the “pool” proportional to your investment. ETFs that are indexed typically track a specific:

  • Market index (a composite of securities, such as the S&P/TSX Composite Index)

  • Market sector (a group of stocks representing companies in similar lines of business)

  • Commodity (such as precious metals or energy futures)

Since ETFs trade on an exchange throughout the day (like a stock), they are easy to buy and sell. And, they typically have lower fees and no investment minimums compared to other types of investments (such as mutual funds).

*Diversification is a strategy used to reduce risk by holding securities across a variety of issuers, asset types, sectors, industries and geographies.

At RBC Direct Investing, you have access to in-depth research reports, powerful tools and screeners. Find out more about the tools and resources available.

At RBC InvestEase, a carefully-selected mix of ETFs are packaged for you into a ready-to-go professional portfolio based on your responses to a few questions. Find out more about the portfolios.

RBC Direct Investing offers a variety of registered and non-registered accounts for you to buy and sell ETFs and stocks. Learn more about RBC Direct Investing account types.

At RBC InvestEase, you can choose from a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or non-registered investment account. Learn more about RBC InvestEase account types.

At RBC Direct Investing, you’ll pay just $9.95 flat per online and mobile trade2 with no minimum balance or trading activity required. When you make 150+ trades per quarter, you’ll pay only $6.95 per online and mobile equity trade2. View fees and commissions.

At RBC InvestEase, you’ll pay a management fee of just 0.5% per year on your investment balance, plus a weighted average management expense ratio (MER) between 0.11-0.30% charged by the ETF manager will apply to the ETFs held in your portfolio. See pricing.

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