See What’s Great About RBC Launch

Cash Back Deals

You could earn cash back when you shop at many retailers using Safari with the latest version of the RBC Launch app on your iOS mobile device.

Shopping by RBC

Introducing Shopping by RBC - a new, personalized way to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Easy Split

Use Easy Split to conveniently track and manage shared expenses with family and friends.

See What’s Great About RBC Launch

RBC Launch Features

Dashboard of Financial Activity

Quickly view your account balance(s), upcoming bills, predicted income and recent transactions in one place. Plus, enjoy a personalized shopping experience.


See more information about the purchases you've made, such as store location with a map view, merchant details and digital receipts.

Upcoming Activities

Review predicted financial activity in a convenient calendar interface.

Calendar Export

Now you can export your upcoming banking activities from RBC Launch to your Apple Calendar, letting you manage your personal and financial activity in one convenient place.

Easy Split

Share expenses with anyone in your social network. Whether it’s a bill, a gift or anything else you’re sharing, add your new expense to split the cost with the group.

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RBC Launch Feature


If you already have the app downloaded; just make sure you update it to the latest version by searching RBC Launch on the App Store. You will see an update button, select the update button and you’ll be able to start using latest version RBC Launch right away.

Rest easy knowing that you’re protected from unauthorized transactions2 in the RBC Launch app by the RBC Digital Banking Security Guarantee.

The RBC Launch app might need to access device services for certain features, like your contacts so you can send money to a friend.

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Instructions for help removing the RBC Launch app from your device

Get more information about RBC digital channel privacy

RBC Launch application does not collect or store any additional data from you. Currently, our solution uses the transactional data from your debit and credit card(s) to make insightful predictions for you.

The “Easy Split” feature will need you to register with your first & last name, email and phone number. This is used to create an Easy Split profile for you and all personal information is kept within RBC.

RBC Mobile is the primary banking app from RBC for your banking needs. RBC Launch provides you access to new and innovative features we are working on before they go mainstream. Currently, it provides features like the ability to forecast your upcoming income /expenses, splitting costs among friends and family and review your financial history.

We are constantly evolving this app by introducing new features, so make sure you have the latest version installed from the App Store to be among the first to try it out!

We will soon be introducing a capability to provide feedback within the app for various features. We also welcome your rating and feedback on the app store.

Currently, RBC Launch is only available on iOS.

You can add your RBC cards to Apple Pay through the RBC Mobile app or in the Apple Wallet app. Starting June 2021, you will no longer be able to add your cards from the RBC Launch app.

Starting June 2021, you will no longer be able to add your RBC payment cards to Apple Pay from the RBC Launch app. You can still add your cards via the RBC Mobile app or directly in the Apple Wallet app.

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