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How Do I Choose the Best Student Credit Card?

Looking for your first credit card as a student? Want to earn points to redeem for merchandise, gift cards, or your next reading week vacation? Maybe you’re more interested in earning cash back, to put just a little more money back in your pocket? Our credit cards for students have either low annual fees, or no annual fees, so you can choose a card that’s both affordable and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

A credit card is a great way to start building credit history as using your card and paying it off before the due date every month shows you’re responsible with credit. Building a good credit history may make it easier to qualify for a car loan or a line of credit in the future.
Our student friendly credit cards are generally easier to qualify for as a student compared to other credit cards and offer a great way to start building credit history.
Do you want to earn points to redeem for travel, merchandise or gift cards? How about earning cash back on purchases like groceries, textbooks and more? Try our credit card selector tool to help narrow down what kind of rewards are most important to you.
If you have an RBC Advantage Banking account for students, you could benefit from discounts or rebates on your monthly or annual fees. Learn more about student banking accounts.
The minimum age to get a credit card depends on the province you live in. In Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and PEI, the minimum age is 18. In all other provinces and territories, the minimum age is 19.
If you are an International student, please visit an RBC Branch to speak with an advisor to learn more about this offer and how to apply.