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Protection so your Credit Card does not become a burden to you or your family should the unexpected happen.

BalanceProtector Premiere Plus is balance protection insurance that protects you in the event of:

BalanceProtector, Credit Card balance protection insurance
  • Loss of Life

  • Critical Illness

  • Accidental Dismemberment1

    Receive up to a $25,000 lump-sum payment on your outstanding balance

    Coverage for the spouse included (except in Quebec2) at no extra cost

  • Total Disability

  • Involuntary Unemployment3

  • Loss of Self-Employment Income

    Receive a monthly benefit of up to 10% of your outstanding balance, for up to 10 months (to a maximum of $25,000)

  • Disability Requiring Hospitalization for Accidental Injury

    Receive a single payment of up to 10% of your account balance for each 24-hour period of hospitalization (to a maximum of $25,000)

Sample Certificate of Insurance

We Celebrate Your Lifetime Milestones!

Each time you reach a Lifetime Milestone, you will receive a single payment of up to 10% of your outstanding credit card balance (to a maximum account balance of $25,000)!

  • Purchase of a home
  • Birth/adoption of a child
  • Final mortgage payment
  • Marriage
  • Graduation from post-secondary education or a professional certification/designation
  • Retirement
  • First job post-secondary graduation

Note: A maximum of 2 Milestones in a 12-month period will be paid. No benefit is payable for any Lifetime Milestone within the first 30 days from enrollment date.


How the Pricing Works

Your coverage:

$25,000 maximum benefit; up to 10% of your account balance for up to 10 months for Total Disability, Involuntary Unemployment, and Loss of Self-Employment Income.

You pay:

$1.19 per $100 of your insured balance4. At age 70, the monthly premium rate is $0.59 per $100 of your insured balance.

If your insured balance is $500, you pay $5.95 per month + applicable taxes for coverage.

You do not have to pay a premium during months when you have no card activity and no previous balance has been carried forward. Plus, you will receive a refund in the amount of the premium charged to your account as of Statement Date prior to your date of loss while on a claim for Total Disability, Involuntary Unemployment, Loss of Self-Employment Income and Lifetime Milestones Service.

Apply Today...It’s Quick and Easy!

Your acceptance is automatic and you can cancel at any time.

In Account Summary , select the credit card for which you want coverage. To the right select Options then select “Get/view BalanceProtector Premiere Plus”.

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BalanceProtector Premiere Plus plan is optional creditor's group insurance underwritten by American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida (ABLAC) and American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (ABIC). ABLAC, ABIC, their subsidiaries, and affiliates carry on business in Canada under the name Assurant.