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RBC® Visa Gift Cards

What you should know

While they look like credit cards, RBC Visa Gift Cards are actually prepaid/stored value cards. When initially purchased, funds are loaded to the card, and when purchases are made, the amounts are deducted from the card's balance until it reaches $0. An RBC Visa Gift Card can be used to make purchases anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted(1) including online, by phone and at millions of retail locations worldwide.

There is no activation or set-up required for RBC Visa Gift Cards. Unlike cheques, which need to be cashed or deposited, RBC Visa Gift Cards can be used immediately.

The following provides important information related to the use of RBC Visa Gift Cards that have been purchased at an RBC Royal Bank branch.


(1) RBC Visa Gift Cards are issued by Royal Bank of Canada and may used to make purchases anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted. Cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or to receive any other cash withdrawal or make financial payments at a financial institution.


RBC Visa Commercial Prepaid Cards

To learn more about recent changes to the commercial prepaid program click here (opens new window).


Do you have an RBC Visa Gift Card?

Visit our Cardholder Services Centre for helpful information and resources, including terms and conditions and fees of your card program.


Contact Cardholder Services

For customer service and balance inquiries call:

In Canada toll-free 1-866-466-8079
Outside of Canada or U.S. collect 1-954-377-4480