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Easy Budgeting Tool

How much do you have to save?

Monthly Income and Expenses Your Information

Monthly Income

Salary after taxes (take-home pay) $
Other monthly income (e.g. investment income) $

Monthly Expenses

Housing Costs (e.g. mortgage, rent, maintenance fees, property taxes, etc.) $
Utilities – Gas, water, electric $
Services – Phone, cable, internet $
Groceries $
Transportation (e.g. car lease, gas, transit, etc.) $
Insurance – Auto, home, life, disability $
Child care $
Personal (e.g. clothing, gifts, salon, gym membership, etc.) $
Daily living (e.g. pet expenses, dry cleaning, etc.) $
Entertainment (e.g. dining out, movies, music, etc.) $
Long term Savings (e.g. monthly pension plan, RSP, education saving contribution) $
Loans and credit cards (monthly payments) $
Other expenses $

Monthly Totals

Total Income: $
Total Expenses: $
Total Money Available to Save $

Now that you know how much you have available to save, use our Savings Calculator Savings Calculator (opens new window) to help you get started.

Get Started
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