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Advice for the Shrewd Saver

Shrewd Saver


You’ve already got a good handle on saving and financial planning, but you’re looking for ways to reach your goals faster.


Examine your budget to identify changes in income or expenses that you can capitalize on, and look for ways to increase the return on your savings.


Your income and budget change – your savings schedule should change too.

Has your budget changed since you set up your regular deposit or transfer amount? If you’ve earned a raise or paid off a loan or credit card since you established your savings program, you can afford to increase the amount that you set aside for yourself.


Be inspired by your progress and adjust your goals accordingly.

You’ve already pared back expenses and luxuries so that you can save regularly. But now that you have a taste of how rewarding saving can be, start by setting a more ambitious goal and then re-examine your budget to see how you could reach your new goal faster.


Make sure you are using the best account for your savings.

Is the account that was right for you when you were starting still the best account for you? Consider setting up separate savings accounts for your various short- and long-term goals.


How much do you have to save?

Find out in minutes using the Easy Budgeting Tool.


How long will it take to reach your goal?

The Savings Calculator (opens new window) can help you find out!


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