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Scheduled Savings

Saving for Your Goal is Fast, Easy and Automatic

Scheduled saving makes it easy!

With our Save-matic program, you can arrange for automatic online transfers from your RBC® banking account to your RBC High Interest eSavings® account RBC High Interest eSavings (opens new window). After that, you’re set. You’ll be putting money away towards achieving your savings goal without having to even think about it.

Start a Save-matic Program

Transfer as much as you want, whenever you want

You specify the amount, and choose how often you want the transfers to take place:

  • Once a week
  • Every two weeks
  • Once a month

If your paycheque is deposited directly into your banking account, schedule the transfers to occur just after it’s deposited.


How long to reaching your goals?

Use the Savings Calculator Savings Calculator (opens new window) to easily calculate how long it will take to reach your goal, or how much you need to put aside each payday to reach a fixed amount.

Get Started
Saving can be easy. The RBC High Interest eSavings® Account. No minimum balance. No monthly fees.


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