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InfoProtector for Credit Card Customers

A Special Optional Benefit for RBC Royal Bank® Credit Card Cardholders

InfoProtector is a service offered and provided by Aimia Proprietary Loyalty Canada Inc., on behalf of Royal Bank of Canada that helps families safeguard private and valuable information day and night.

The InfoProtector service gives you access to the unique capabilities of Internet Personal Information Patrol (iPiP) — a powerful online data monitoring system. With this secure online tool you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have your own personal watchdog continuously monitoring your personal information registered with the service.

If items like your credit cards, debit cards or mobile phones are stolen, the InfoProtector service takes away the work and worry of cancellation and replacement with one easy call. The InfoProtector service will notify and even cancel or block services on your behalf to prevent fraudulent activity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And by enrolling in the InfoProtector service, you can help protect yourself against the risk of identity fraud when you report your cards lost or stolen.

The Rebound Mobile Security App can be used to help recover your lost mobile phone. And to help maintain your computer's performance, you're eligible to receive up to $75.00 reimbursement for a computer tune-up. The InfoProtector service offers a wealth of other services too, including emergency cash transfer and airline ticket replacement, and date reminders, to name a few!

More about InfoProtector Benefits

Enroll Today, Cancel Anytime

Enroll today in the InfoProtector service and enjoy the peace of mind you get from knowing that your information is protected. For further information or to enrol please call 1-877-773-7774 and quote code RN002 to receive your 30-day free trial.

Membership Conditions

You can enroll in the service by calling the InfoProtector Service at 1-877-773-7774 and pay only $12.99 a month plus applicable taxes.

Your InfoProtector subscription benefits will become effective as of the date your enrolment is processed. For your convenience, the cost of the service will be charged to your RBC Royal Bank credit card account each month. If you are not completely satisfied with your subscription, you may cancel at any time by telephone or fax and your monthly subscription fee will stopped. Please refer to the Welcome Guide and Letter for further product details and the complete terms and conditions.


4 The InfoProtector services are provided by Aimia Proprietary Loyalty Canada Inc.; they, not Royal Bank of Canada, are responsible for the program.

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For further information or to enrol call 1-877-773-7774 and quote code RN002.