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Add an Authorized User to Your RBC Royal Bank Credit Card

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Your Authorized User will share all the exclusive benefits, insurance, peace of mind and purchasing privileges offered by your RBC Royal Bank credit card.

All Your Spending, All On One Convenient Bill

All spending on your Account is consolidated into one monthly bill — making it easier to track spending and manage your Account. Transactions made by Authorized Users are clearly identified.

Earn RBC Rewards® Points or Specialty Rewards Even Faster!

Authorized Users' purchases earn RBC Rewards or Partner Points, Miles or Dollars at the same rate as the primary cardholder. So if your card allows you to earn RBC Rewards points or Partner Points, Miles or Dollars, simply request an Authorized User card for anyone you choose and you could earn more RBC Rewards points or Specialty Rewards for spending on your Account. That means you could be even closer to redeeming for great rewards.

Authorized Users of Co-Brand credit cards must abide by the terms of the Partner Program(s). Authorized Users are not able to redeem the Points,Miles or Dollars accumulated on the credit card account.

Additional Cardholders

RBC personal credit cards have two types of additional cardholders — Co-applicants and Authorized Users. Both types of additional cardholders may be added to any RBC credit card with the following exceptions:

Authorized users are not available on any RBC credit card where the primary cardholder has identified their 'occupation' as being 'student'.

What is an Authorized User?

  • An Authorized User is not considered a 'borrower' on the account but rather a 'user' attached to the credit card account.
  • Authorized users are not responsible for any debt on the account but are otherwise responsible to adhere to the credit card agreement, including some special terms and conditions applicable to authorized users.
  • When a Primary or Co-applicant adds an authorized user to the account, it is their responsibility to provide them with a copy of the credit card agreement.
  • An Authorized User's card activity does not appear on their Credit Bureau.
  • An Authorized User is able to access the full available credit limit of the credit card account and is able to charge purchases / cash advances to the credit card account
  • An Authorized User may access information in regards to their transactions via the IVR, by calling Royal Direct and through Online Banking. They do not have access to transactions made by other cardholders on the same account.

As a cardholder, you can now add the Family Card option to your RBC Royal Bank credit card. This option allows you to provide funds to Authorized Users (up to nine) by setting unique spending limits and monitor spending activity.

To apply, simply complete the appropriate form below and select the "Authorized User to be assigned the following limits" box. For more information about the Family Card Option, please click here.

What is a Co-applicant?

Click here for details on adding a Co-applicant to your account

How to add an Authorized User to Your Account


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  1. Log-in to RBC Online Banking and select your credit card on the Accounts Summary Page.
  2. Select “Add an Authorized User”

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  1. Download the Authorized User Request Forms.
  2. Print and complete the form (Make sure that both the Primary Cardholder and the Authorized User sign the form).
  3. Send the form to us by mail for processing.


RBC Royal Bank
c/o Administration Department
P.O. Box 18293, Stn. Brm. B
Toronto, ON M7Y 3J1


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You may also apply by visiting your nearest RBC Royal Bank branch with the Authorized User(s). If the Authorized User is new to RBC, we require two pieces of identification to create a client profile. All parties’ signatures are required for processing.


Please note

The Authorized User's card will be mailed to the address on file for the Primary Cardholder.

chevron Authorized User Request Forms (opens new window)

For RBC Royal Bank Visa Business and Business Avion cards, please:

  • Contact your nearest Business Banking Centre
  • Call us at 1-800-769-2520

RBC Rewards are earned on net purchases only; they are not earned on cash advances (including RBC Royal Bank credit card cheques, balance transfers, cash-like transactions and certain bill payments), interest charges or fees, and credits for returns and adjustments will reduce or cancel the points earned by the amounts originally charged.