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MasterCard SecureCode FAQs

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Activating Your Card

Shopping with SecureCode



What is SecureCode?

SecureCode is an extra level of protection against unauthorized use of your MasterCard card. Once you activate your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card, no one can use your MasterCard number at participating online merchants without your password.

Why should I activate my card?

Although you are already protected with MasterCard's Zero Liability policy, SecureCode provides an extra level of security and confidence for online shopping by stopping unauthorized card use before it can even happen. When you correctly enter your SecureCode during a purchase at a participating online merchant, you confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is then completed. If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will not be completed. Even if someone knows your credit or debit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your SecureCode at a participating merchant.

Will I have to pay for SecureCode?

No. SecureCode is free to MasterCard cardholders.

Do I need a new card to use SecureCode?

This program will apply to all eligible RBC MasterCard cards, including those you already have.

Is SecureCode difficult to use?

No. SecureCode is quick and easy to use. When you submit an order at a participating online store your personalized SecureCode window will appear. Simply enter your password, click submit, and you're done. It's that easy!

My spouse and I share the same card number. How do we use SecureCode?

You will both need to activate your cards and create your own passwords.

Can SecureCode be used on any computer?

One of the great advantages of SecureCode is that it does not require any special software so it will work with just about any Internet-enabled device. However, you need to ensure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and pop-up killers are disabled on your computer when you are making a purchase with SecureCode.

How do I remove the email address from my Personal Profile?

  1. Go to Personal Account Manager (opens external website in new window)
  2. Select your language.
  3. Enter your 16–digit MasterCard card number and password, then click Next.
  4. Click "Manage your profile"
  5. Click "Update your email address"
  6. Click the box beside "Remove my email address" (it should now have a checkmark inside it), then click Confirm.

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Activating Your Card

How do I activate my RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card?

You can activate your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card (opens external website in new window) today. Registration is fast, easy and free.

When will I be able to activate my RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card?

You can activate your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card at any time. Register today (opens external website in new window).

Can I activate more than one card?

Yes. You should activate all your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard cards.

Which RBC Royal Bank MasterCard cards are eligible for SecureCode?

All personal RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card cards are eligible for SecureCode. Business and Expense card products are excluded from this service at this time.

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Shopping with SecureCode

How do I use SecureCode when I shop online?

Once you’ve registered and created your own private SecureCode, you can shop at participating online stores and pay with your MasterCard card. At check out, you will automatically be prompted by RBC Royal Bank will open a personalized SecureCode window on your computer screen each time you make a purchase at the participating online merchant. Simply enter your password and click "submit". Your identity will be quickly verified and the check out process will proceed to complete your purchase. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the merchant.

Will I need to use my password every time I shop online?

You will only use your password at participating SecureCode online merchants.

Where will I be able to shop using SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode logo

You can shop at any online store that has the SecureCode logo.

See the list of participating online stores (opens external website in new window). As new merchants add SecureCode to their offering, this list will continue to grow.

What if the online store is not participating in SecureCode?

Over time, more and more online stores will be participating in SecureCode, but if they are not participating, your transaction will complete as it currently does today, without the SecureCode pop-up window and password verification.

How will online stores know if my card is activated?

Once your card is activated, your card number will be automatically recognized whenever you use it at a participating online merchant. To complete any transactions you will have to use your password.

Will SecureCode work if I have a pop–up killer on my computer?

Pop–up killer software may prevent your SecureCode password window from appearing. You will need to disable this software when you make purchases at participating online stores.

If I suspect someone has my password or has used it to make a fraudulent purchase, what should I do?

If you ever suspect that a fraudulent purchase has been made with your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard account, contact our Customer Service Department immediately by calling 1-800-769-2512. Remember to always keep your SecureCode password safe.

Am I still covered by MasterCard's Zero Liability policy if someone fraudulently uses my password?

Yes. MasterCard's Zero Liability policy protects you against the unauthorized use of your MasterCard card even if your card is activated with SecureCode. Providing you have taken reasonable precautions to protect your PIN and your Card as set out in the RBC Royal Bank Credit Card Agreement. Always keep your SecureCode password safe.

How is my information transmitted safely over the internet?

Web browsers use standard security protocols like SSL, and S–HTTP to enable private information to be transmitted safely over the internet. When you visit a Web site with the SSL protocol, a secure connection is created between your computer and the Web site server you are visiting. Once this connection is established, you can transmit any amount of information to the Web server safely. In contrast, the S–HTTP is designed to transmit individual messages.

Can other people view my personal information when I am using the internet?

If a secure session is established and the information is encrypted during transmission, then others will not be able to view your information. However, you should be aware that some Web browsers will store information on your computer even after you are finished conducting your online activities. This is called caching. Therefore, you should close your browser once you are finished using the Internet, particularly if you visit secure sites to conduct financial transactions, check account balances or view any other information that you regard as private and confidential.

What happens when my card expires or my billing information changes?

Your card issuer will automatically update this information in your profile.

What happens if I cancel my existing card then get a new one with a different account number?

You will need to register the new card for MasterCard SecureCode. Simply return to the registration site, and complete the registration process with your new card.

What is a Personal Greeting?

The Personal Greeting is a message that you create during sign-up. Each time you make an online purchase at a participating merchant, you will be prompted to enter your SecureCode. At this time, you'll see your Personal Greeting and other purchase details. The Personal Greeting is your assurance that you are communicating with your financial institution. If the Personal Greeting displayed in the pop–up box is incorrect, you should not enter your SecureCode, but should instead contact Customer Service immediately by calling the phone number on the back of your enrolled MasterCard card, to report a possible fraud.

How do I know whether a merchant participates in SecureCode?

Most participating merchants will display the MasterCard SecureCode logo on their site. However, even if you don't see the SecureCode logo, the merchant may still be a participant and you will be prompted to provide your SecureCode.

What are the Secret Question and Answer?

If you forget your SecureCode when making an online purchase, you will be supplied with your Secret Question. If you then supply the correct Answer, your purchase will be completed. Once your purchase is completed, you should visit the registration site, click on the "Forgot SecureCode" link and follow the subsequent instructions.

How will the online merchant know that I'm registered for MasterCard SecureCode?

When you use a card that is enrolled in the MasterCard SecureCode program at participating online merchants, the merchant automatically recognizes your MasterCard card number during the transaction.

What happens when I use my SecureCode at a participating merchant?

There is no need to login or sign in. When you make a purchase at a participating merchant and enter your registered MasterCard payment details, you will automatically be prompted by your financial institution to enter your SecureCode. After reviewing the details of your purchase and confirming that your Personal Greeting is correct, simply type in your SecureCode to complete your purchase.

How will SecureCode change the online purchase process?

The online purchase process will not change except that now you will be prompted to provide your SecureCode during checkout. Your SecureCode will never be revealed to the merchant during the checkout process.

Will I be able to make purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard but do not participate in the MasterCard SecureCode program?

Yes, you will not be asked for your SecureCode during these purchases. You will continue to be protected from unauthorized purchases by Zero Liability from MasterCard.

I am a merchant who would like to offer SecureCode to my customers. How do I get more information?

For information on participating in MasterCard SecureCode, please visit (opens external website in new window).

How is SecureCode different from Zero Liability*?

Using MasterCard SecureCode provides added security to prevent your card from unauthorized use while Zero Liability protection provides peace of mind because you will not be responsible for fraudulent transactions provided you that you take reasonable precautions to protect your PIN and your card, as set out in your RBC Royal Bank® MasterCard agreement.

Where can I view Terms and Conditions of the SecureCode program?

Please visit (opens external website in new window) for the Terms and Conditions of your RBC MasterCard card.

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