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Verified by Visa FAQs

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Shopping with Verified by Visa



What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is an extra level of protection against unauthorized use of your Visa card. Although you are already protected with Visa's Zero Liability policy, Verified by Visa provides an extra level of security and confidence for online shopping by stopping unauthorized card use before it can even happen.

Will I have to pay for Verified by Visa?

No. Verified by Visa is free to Visa cardholders.

Do I need a new card to use Verified by Visa?

This program will apply to all eligible cards, including those you already have.

Can Verified by Visa be used on any computer?

One of the great advantages of Verified by Visa is that it does not require any special software so it will work with just about any Internet-enabled device. However, you need to ensure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and pop-up killers are disabled on your computer when you are making a purchase with Verified by Visa.

Which RBC Royal Bank Visa cards are eligible for Verified by Visa?

All personal RBC Royal Bank Visa cards are eligible for Verified by Visa. Business and Expense card products are excluded from this service at this time.

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Shopping with Verified by Visa

Will I need to use a password every time I shop online?

No, you will not need a password to shop at participating Verified by Visa online merchants.

Where will I be able to shop using Verified by Visa?

You can shop at any online store that has the Verified by Visa logo. See the list of participating online stores (opens external website in new window). As new merchants add Verified by Visa to their offering, this list will continue to grow.

What if the online store is not participating in Verified by Visa?

Over time, more and more online stores will be participating in Verified by Visa, but if they are not participating, your transaction will complete as it currently does today.

Will Verified by Visa work if I have a pop-up killer on my computer?

Pop-up killer software may prevent your Verified by Visa password window from appearing. You will need to disable this software when you make purchases at participating online stores.

How is my information transmitted safely over the internet?

Web browsers use standard security protocols like SSL, and S-HTTP to enable private information to be transmitted safely over the internet. When you visit a Web site with the SSL protocol, a secure connection is created between your computer and the Web site server you are visiting. Once this connection is established, you can transmit any amount of information to the Web server safely. In contrast, the S-HTTP is designed to transmit individual messages.

Can other people view my personal information when I am using the internet?

If a secure session is established and the information is encrypted during transmission, then others will not be able to view your information. However, you should be aware that some Web browsers will store information on your computer even after you are finished conducting your online activities. This is called caching. Therefore, you should close your browser once you are finished using the Internet, particularly if you visit secure sites to conduct financial transactions, check account balances or view any other information that you regard as private and confidential.

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