Fixing Payment File Errors

When your input file is received and cannot be processed, your input file will either be Blocked or Rejected. Explanatory error messages will be provided on your Input Verification & Edit Report.

If your input file is blocked, then you may authorize the Bank to process or delete the file and follow-up with a confirmation letter. Once your file is unblocked for processing, it is reported on your revised Input Verification & Edit Report that you will receive shortly after the file has been unblocked. If an input file is blocked for more than 2 business days our system will automatically drop the file.

If your input file is rejected, then advise the Bank to delete this file as it cannot be processed. You will need to correct the file and re-submit. If this file is not deleted, our system will automatically drop the file on the same day the file is received.

All the actions taken on your invalid input files such as an unblock, a delete, or a drop are reported to you on your File Error Report.

The various conditions that will cause your input files to block or reject are documented on the File Error Report.

If you require assistance in fixing your input file contact your Cash Management Client Support Centre.