Cancelling a Payment After It Has Been Processed

If you send us an input file by error and the payments have been processed, it can be reversed up to 3 business days after the payment value date. Both individual and mass reversals can be requested, however all reversal requests are performed on a best effort basis.

To arrange a reversal, you can initiate a single payment Reversal Request using RBC Express ACH Payment Manager. If you do not have RBC Express ACH Payment Manager, complete the Reversal Payment Request form for a single payment and email directly to RBC once the form is completed, using the submit button at the bottom of the form.

To arrange for a reversal of a file or a range of payments within a file, complete a Mass Request Form. All reversal requests must also be processed before mass request deadlines.

Reversal of single payments will be reported to you on your Payments Activity Report and your Mass reversals on Mass Request Report.

Reversed transactions that are returned will be credited or debited to your account. If the original debit transaction is returned (but not the reversed transaction) or if the reversal of a credit transaction which is a debit is returned we will debit your account. In all cases, you must contact your customer to arrange for reimbursement.

Payments destined to the United States and to Canada originating from a foreign country with a status of “Suspended” cannot be changed or deleted through RBC Express ACH Payment Manager or through a Mass Request until they have cleared.

Mass Request Report

Payments Activity Report