Reviewing Your Daily Activities

It is important that you access your reports on a daily basis so that you are aware of any returns, errors or payment information notices in a timely manner. You should notify your Cash Management Client Support Centre of any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Mandatory Reports – automatically produced by system

The following mandatory reports are the most accessed reports. These reports are produced when a file has been submitted and/or any on-line activity has taken place and/or any payments have been returned.

  • Input Verification & Edit Report
    • For A/P Link, Payable Direct and ISO clients, this report will not be available directly to you. This report will be used as part of the Single Stream Service to be translated into an 824 Acknowledgment.
  • File Input Payment Confirmation Report
    • Not available for AP Link, Payable Direct or ISO Clients)
  • Daily Limit – Payments Detail Report (ACH Direct Deposit Service only)
  • Payment Activity Report
  • Returned Items Report
  • Mass Request Report
  • Client Value Date Totals
  • Client Settlement Totals Report (Prefunding Clients- ACH Direct Deposit Service only)

The following reports should be used as a reference and/or to follow up on items:

  • Warning Report
  • File Error Report
  • Pending Representment Register (ACH Direct Payment Service only)
  • Payment Selection Report
  • Foreign Equivalent Report
  • Notification of Change/Pre-Note Response Report-FOR USA-FI
  • Notification of Payment Information Change –For Canadian FI
  • Recap of Payments in Error

Optional or On-Request Reports

There is an additional cost associated with the following reports. Speak with your Sales representative for specifics.

  • Payments Register
  • Optional Information Report
  • Annual File Schedule Report
  • Financial Institution Listing (on request only)

Your Sales Representative or Cash Management Client Support Centre will help you determine which optional reports and media suit your needs.

Single Stream – AP Link, Payable Direct and ISO Clients

It is important that if you are using our Single Stream Service to input and receive specially formatted files, that you still arrange to receive and review all reports when they are available. If activity has taken place the reports will not necessarily be reflected in your acknowledgements received via the Single Stream Service.