Data File Format and Specifications

RBC Data File Format and Specifications

You may arrange to receive data files via Payment Manager or transmission covering:

  1. All records (valid, invalid, rejected, returns and reversed)
  2. Returned Items
  3. Reversed Items
  4. Input records (valid, invalid, rejected)
  5. Valid records
  6. Invalid records
  7. Rejected records

You may select to receive various combinations depending on your needs and the capability of your system.

Data File Layout

Notice of Payment Information Change (NOC)
Data File Format and Specifications – Payments destined to Canadian Banks

You may arrange to receive a data file of your "Notice of Payment Information Changes (NOC) via RBC ACH Express or transmission. NOC records apply to both CAD and USD accounts for payments sent to Canadian Banks.

Notice of Change data file is a file of non-financial banking information received from Financial Institutions in Canada on bank, branch and account number changes require on your electronic payments that occur as a result of branch closures, mergers or acquisitions.

Notice of Change data file is a separate request and is not included in the "all Records" feature described in the RBC Data File Format Specifications Output guide.

The frequency of NOC file exchange is defined by each Direct clearer and may be daily, weekly or monthly. The data file will be produced when NOC's have been received from other financial institutions.

Currently null data files are not generated for NOC.

In addition to the data file, you will receive the mandatory "Notice of Payment Information Change" report (NOC) in the medium selected.

Note: Currently there is no data file available for NOC’s received from the USA. This is a future enhancement and you will be advised once it is available.

NOC Data File Layout