Returned Items

You receive a list of all payments that have been dishonoured and returned to you with the reason for their return on your Returned Items Report. In addition to the Returned Items Report, you may receive a data file of your Returned items which you can use to update your system automatically.

Payments Canada (CPA) Returned/Dishonoured Payments Reason Codes

ACH Returned/Dishonoured/Contested Payments Returned Codes

Returned items in the Data File will be shown with a payment status of ‘U’. However, Representments, reissuing of Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) payments, returned the first time will have a payment status of ‘P’, and if returned a second time will have a status of ‘U’.

An item may be returned for several reasons, examples:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Account closed
  • Customer deceased

If your payments are sent out electronically, any returned items will be credited or debited automatically to your account designated for returned items.

In some cases, even though you have sent out your payments electronically, some returns will come back on paper. For ACH Direct Deposit Service clients, these will be keyed on-line and merged with incoming electronic returned items data and listed on the Returned Items Reports and data file. For ACH Direct Payment Service clients, you have the option to receive these items electronically by choosing the “On-Line Return” feature, in which case you will have 100% of your returns reported to you on the Returned Items Report and Data File.

All returned items will have a payment status of ‘U’ on the data file.

If you do not want paper returns entered on-line for your debit payments, they will not be reported and will be debited to your return account separately, then delivered to you via your RBC Royal Bank Service branch. Refer to your RBC Royal Bank Account Manager for more details.