Payment Files

To trigger the delivery of payments you must create a Payment File (also referred to as an input file). You can send your payment file or input file via Data Transmission or RBC Express.

You must discuss which method to use with your Cash Management Client Support Centre during the initial set up of RBC Royal Bank ACH Direct Payments & Deposits Services.

For RBC Express Users

Creating a File Payment Using RBC Express

Basic Information About Payment Files

General Information

Making and Collecting Payments in Canadian or U.S. Currency

Input Deadlines for ACH Direct Payments & Deposits

Information Specific to ACH Direct Deposits

Daily Limits

Notification of In Excess Payments For ACH Direct Deposits for Daily Limit Clients

Prefunding Transactions for ACH Direct Deposits

Creating Payment Files Using Data Transmission

Transmitting Payment Files via Data Transmission

Standard Connectivity Options

Formatting Payment Files to Indicate Currency of Transaction