Represented Items for ACH Direct Payments

For clients with a “Return To” account at RBC, the bank can automatically "represent" CAD or USD payments that have been returned Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) for an additional fee. Payments that are represented are re-issued by the bank. The payments must be:

  • A CAD or USD Pre-Authorized Debit destined to Canada returned as NSF
  • A USD Pre-Authorized Debit destined to the United States returned as NSF
  • An exact duplicate of the original
  • One to twenty (20) business days after being returned
  • On the date of representment a new transaction is generated to the payor's account, and your account is credited. A NSF returned item can be represented only once and if returned a second time, will be debited to your account designated for represented returns and reported to you on the Returned Items Report.

Represented returned items:

  • Will appear on your Pending Representment Register
  • Will not appear on your Returned Items Report individually but will be reflected in the total line "NSF TO BE REPRESENTED".

The Pending Representment Register

Representment items will appear on a Pending Representment Register and the total will also be included on your Returned Items Report for easy reconciliation. If you elect to have returns sent to you via a data file, these items will be reported with a payment status of ‘P’. If these items are returned a second time, the payment status will be ‘U’ – the same as any other returned items as this payment cannot be re-issued a second time.

Items pending representment can be deleted or the representment due date can be changed via the RBC Express ACH Payment Manager.

Converted payments destined to Canada or the United States that are returned NSF cannot be represented due to the currency conversion involved and the different rates that apply.

If your control account for representments is the same as your primary control account, then the total dollar value of the represented payments will be included on your Client Value Date Totals Report. If different, then the total dollar value of the Pending Representment Register Report will be credited to your designated account.