Pending Representment Register

If your representment control account is the same as your primary control account, then the total on this report will be reflected on your Client Value Date Totals Report.

Use this report to reconcile the total on this report to your designated representment control account.

This report lists the NSF returned items which are automatically represented with a new due date based on the number of business days, maximum 20, you have selected.


This report is produced whenever NSF returned items are returned and will be represented.

It can be picked up one day later via data transmission. Fax service is not available for this report.

Report Content

This report is produced only if you have selected the automatic representment feature.

Items returned NSF are represented with a new due date based on the number of days you want the payment to be represented. This should be between 1 and 20 business days from the date of return. NSF Items can only be represented once.

Represented items returned a second time will be debited to your designated return account and reported on the Returned items Report with an "R" besides the return item. They cannot be represented again.

Descriptions of headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.

Report Heading Descriptions