Notification of In Excess Payments for ACH Direct Deposits for Daily Limit Clients


Email Alerts

Email alerts will be sent to you when:

  • Payments are reclassified as In Excess because of a change:
    • in the Daily Limit
    • in a temporary Daily Limit
    • to the temporary Daily Limit Date
    • in ACCT ownership
  • The Daily Limit is exceeded during normal file input and payments are classified as In Excess
  • Changes to the Daily Limit or Temporary Limit resulting in no In Excess payments

An email notification will be sent to you immediately. The alert will be in English and French and, for privacy, no financial information will be sent.

Please ensure that you are set up to receive our email alerts when you set up your profile and that process is working. These are effective reminders to help you monitor your payments however you must also ensure that procedures are also set up within our own organization to not solely rely on email alert notification for the monitoring of your payments. It is the responsibility of the client to take action upon receiving these email Alerts.