What is an Error?

An error is a payment that has failed our validation process during the front end processing of your input file or when submitted via RBC Express ACH Payment Manager. Our system validates various information and the following are some of the reasons as to why payments would not pass our validation process:

  • ABA Number – Bank/Transit
  • For CDN payments – Account Number Modulus/range/Number of digits /if required by the FI
  • Customer Name – If this field is blank an error message will occur
  • Payment date – payment destined to Canada is older than 173 days (PAP) or 30 days (ACH Direct Deposits).

There are 3 levels of errors:

  • “T” an invalid payment that can be corrected
  • "R” a payment that cannot be corrected and must be re-submitted
  • “W” a payment that has invalid banking information and has been processed

When we create your profile in our database, you have the option to set up your “T” errors payments to be kept in our system pending correction or to be rejected “R” errors payments.

For RBC Express Users

Correcting an Error