Transmitting Payment Files via Data Transmission

You can send your input file via Data Transmission. RBC offers several Internet solutions, dedicated solutions as well as private solutions. The most commonly used transmission is RBC Express File Transfer service. Talk with your Cash Management Client Support Centre if you want to find out more about the different options.

During the initial set up of your ACH Direct Payments & Deposits Service, the file layout format is selected as to which format will be used to send your input file. This process will produce a payment file in a format that can be read by the RBC Royal Bank system.

There are 3 file layouts for input:

  • RBC Standard (STD) format
  • Canadian Payments Association – 005 (CPA) format
  • RBC Automated Clearing House (ACH) format

Transmission Backup

Keep a backup of your transmission file until you are sure that the Bank has received your payment files. A minimum backup period of seven days is recommended.

Submitting a Test File

To ensure that you have formatted your payment files successfully, you must submit a test file when you begin using the service.

Creating Direct Payments