Prefunding Transactions for ACH Direct Deposits


Prefunding is the requirement to pay in advance or immediately for all transactions processed by the bank regardless of the payment due or value date.

If you would like to use the Prefunding Option, paying for transactions prior to the payment due dates, you need to fund your direct deposits in advance. Canadian direct deposits need to be in CAD or USD currency, and US direct deposits in USD currency. Your profile must be set up as “Prefund”.

Your control account or funding account, to be debited for disbursing these payments must be either a RBC Royal Bank Business Deposit Account or an RBC Royal Bank Personal Deposit Statement Account. Your control account must also reside in the same province where your profile is located.

When you send us a transaction file, we immediately verify the availability of funds in your RBC Royal Bank account, and if funds are available we immediately debit your account regardless of the payment date or value date of your payments. If funds are not available, we will block your entire transaction file and your payments will not be processed. In cases like this, you will need to ensure sufficient funds are in your account to cover these transactions. The Direct Deposit system will automatically check your account every hour on the half hour. If your payments are due on the same day or the next day, you should contact the Cash Management Client Support Centre to unblock your file, especially if it is close to the cut-off time.

To avoid delaying your transactions, we recommend that sufficient funds are available in your account prior to sending your payments for processing.

For RBC Express Users

Validation for Prefunded Deposits via RBC Express ACH Payment Manager