Returned Items Report

Use this report to track returned items debited/credited to your account designated for returned items.

This mandatory report is produced when you have Returned items processed electronically to your account. A “Returned Reversal” (a payment that has been reversed and subsequently returned) will be reported on this report under a separate page titled “Returned Items Report –Returned Reversals. A “Returned Reversal” will not be included in the data file. For ACH Direct Payments Service, you have an option to select Automatic Representment of NSF items. If a payment is returned for the first time as NSF – Non Sufficient Funds, the payment details will not be listed on this report; however will be included in the total Debit amount of Returns payment Processed to your designated Return Control Account. A Representment will not be created for a Returned Reversal. Please refer to the Pending Representment Register Report. If the same payment is returned a second time, the payment details will be reported on this report.


The report is available on the business day after the returned items are processed by RBC Royal Bank.

It can be picked up one day later via the online reports or data transmission. Fax service is not available for this report.

Report Content

Descriptions of headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.

Descriptions of transaction codes can be found in Payment Transaction Codes.

Payments, which were originally converted to a foreign currency, will be converted back at the current rate. As such, the returned amount may differ from the original amount due to fluctuations in foreign exchange.
All A Data File of Returned Items is also available.
Report Heading Descriptions