Creating a Payment File Using RBC Express

Payment files are a collection of Payment Records selected from one or more Payment Groups. Files are created each time new payments need to be made.

To create a Payment File

  1. Find “Payment Files” on the left hand menu and select “Create Regular” or “Create Contracts”.
  2. Choose a “Client Number” from the dropdown selection box and click on “Filter” to determine the Payment Groups associated with the selected Client Number.
  3. Highlight one or more of the displayed Payment Groups.
  4. Select “Live” (if payments are to be processed) or “Test” (if this is a test input file).
  5. Select “Same Due Date” (if you want all payments to have the same due date) or “Individual Due Dates” (if you wish to have different dues dates for individual records) and click on Continue.
  6. If you selected “Individual Due Dates”, click on “Select Records”. Enter the due date for each payment record. Use “Next” and “Previous” to navigate between pages. When all dates are entered, click on “Selection Complete”.
  7. Verify the Payment File details. If necessary, click on “View Details” to view details of each payment record.
  8. If you are an approver, you will be prompted to enter your Pass Phrase and SecurID token value. If you are the only approver required for the transaction, you will have the option to “Submit for Release” or “Cancel”. If you choose “Submit for Release”, items will be immediately submitted to the bank for processing. If you choose “Cancel”, you will be returned to the input screen.
  9. If you are not an approver, or another approver is required, click on “Submit for Approval” or “Cancel” to return to the previous screen.

To Approve and Release Payment Files Awaiting Approval

  1. Find “Payment Files” on the left hand menu and select “Approve” or click on the “Pending Approval” link under Payment Files on the ACH Direct Payments & Deposits Summary screen.
  2. Select the Payment Files to be approved and click on “Approve”.
  3. Verify that the correct files are selected for approval and enter your Pass Phrase and SecurID token value. Click “Approve” (to proceed with your approval) or “Cancel” (to return to the previous screen). If you are the final approver, please note that files must still be released to the Bank for processing.
  4. To release files for processing, select “Release” from the Payment Files section of the left hand menu or click on the “Pending Release” link on the ACH Home Page. Choose the files you wish to release and click on “Release”.

We recommend you create and submit a Test input file before submitting your first Live file. Submitting a Test file gives you the opportunity to validate the accuracy of the payment details (e.g. the account number is structurally valid etc.) and to correct errors before the first real submission. You may also use Test data to familiarize yourself with the format and content of service reports.