Notice of Payment Information Change

This mandatory report provides information on customer bank accounts that changed due to branch closures, bank mergers and acquisitions. The information was obtained from your customers’ financial institution after receipt of payment instructions to an account affected by any of these reasons. It does not include customers changing branches of their own volition. Notice of payment information changes is received for both Canadian and US Dollar accounts.

You must notify us in writing within 60 days if a payment item is misdirected as a result of an inaccurate NOC. The notice must contain all relevant information pertaining to the payment item and the inaccurate information in the NOC. For more information refer to CPA Rule F12 and Rule A6 at the CPA website.


This report is produced when changes to payment information are made.

It can be picked up one day later via the online reports or data transmission. Fax service is not available for this report.

Note: The frequency of notice of payment information change is defined by each financial institution and may be daily, weekly or monthly.

Report Content

Descriptions of headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.

This report is also available in a data file format. A “Null File” is also available. For information on the data file for Notice of Payment Information Changes refer to the RBC Notice of Change Data File Format and Specifications.