Notification of Change/Pre-note Response Report for USA-FI

This report is not to be confused with the report Notice of Payment Information Change, which reports on banking information changes for payments destined to Canadian Financial Institutions.

Use this report to comply with the NACHA Operating Rule Article 6 Section 6.3.2, which states that you must make changes specified in the corrected Notice of Change (NOC) within 6 banking days of receipt of the NOC or prior to initiating another entry to the Receiver’s account, whichever is later.

This report provides information on invalid or changed account information for prenotifications or payments sent to the United States. Your database must be updated accordingly within 6 banking days of receipt of the NOC or prior to initiating another entry. If the changes are not made in your database and the same payment is sent to us for processing, our system will not process the payment and will attach a “T” or “R” level error message.

Payments or pre-notifications sent to the United States, if invalid, will be sent back as either a zero dollar return or a Notification of Change, and will be recorded on this report.


This report is produced daily when there are items to be reported.

It can be picked up one day later via the online reports. Fax service is not available for this report.

This report is not available in a data file format.

Report Content

Descriptions of headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.