Payment Selection Error Report

Use this report to identify payments that need to be corrected or deleted. You can also use this report when balancing to your Client Value Date Total Report or your Client Settlement Totals Report.

This report lists payments, which previously were valid, but at the time of selection from the pending database, these payments have been revalidated and they are now invalid.

For ACH Direct Deposits, when the above occurs, recalculations are done to check the daily limit availability as this might change the status of In-Excess payments to Valid. For Prefunding clients, as we already debited your control account upon receipt of these payments, we will make funds available immediately in your control account and we will credit your account for that date. These payments will be reported on your Client Settlement Totals Report.


This report is produced whenever a valid payment has been selected for processing and the Bank or branch transit number is found to be invalid.

It can be picked up one day later via the online reports or data transmission. Fax service is not available for this report.

Report Content

This report lists all invalid payments and the reason they are no longer valid, in a manner similar to the Input Verification and Edit Report.

Report Heading Descriptions