Warnings Report

Use this reports to correct invalid information on your database before you send your next payment file to RBC Royal Bank.

This mandatory report lists all Valid payment transactions containing only warning errors found during the processing of your payments. Payments with warning should be corrected as soon as possible as they may result in the payment being returned or processed to an incorrect account. You are responsible for ensuring the banking information is correct on all payments.


This report is produced at the time your input file is processed and if payments have warning attached to them.

This report can be picked up the next day via the online reports or data transmission. Fax service is not available for this report.

Description of Errors

The report makes use of error messages to indicate the status of payment files. Error messages are printed following the transaction in error, and include one letter prefixes.

W – warning transactions with “W” errors will be processed, however they may be rejected by the other financial institution as a result of the invalid information identified on the payment.


Descriptions of headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.