File Input Payment Confirmation Report

Use this report to reconcile your input file, and verify the proper due dates are on the payments within your input file. Totals should also be used to reconcile your Client Value Date Totals Report or, for Prefunding clients, your Client Settlement Totals Report.

This report lists the total number of payments and total dollar amount by value date for each input file. It also indicates the number of prenotes and the number and dollar amount for “T” rejected, “R” rejected and “I” In-Excess transactions included in your input file.

All payments are listed in Due Date order with the Value Date calculated beside it. If the due dates on your payments are not correct, please advise your Cash Management Client Support Centre as soon as possible so that they may be corrected using the Mass Change function. If there are a limited number of transactions, you may change the due dates yourself via RBC Express ACH Payment Manager.


This report is produced when an input file has been received and processed. This report is not produced when a file is blocked, however when the file is unblocked a report will be produced.

This report can be received 20 minutes after your input file is processed by RBC Royal Bank, via the online reports, data transmission or fax. If you do not receive this report within 20 minutes contact your Cash Management Client Support Centre.

Report Content

For ACH Direct Deposit Service, this report provides the following information:

I-Excess Trans For

Indicates the number and amount of payments that have exceeded your Daily Limit. In-Excess payments will not be processed unless you have taken some action. Your Client Value Date Totals Report will be adjusted accordingly.

Descriptions of other headings can be found in Report Heading Descriptions.